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Johnny Depp is Love.

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50s, a clockwork orange, afi, bach, baroque music, beach, big fluffy winter coats, black and white photographs, black and white pictures, black eyeliner, bloomingdales, blues, bob dylan, boys, burritos, chanel, cheese, cheesecake, chemistry, chess, chicago, chocolate fudge, chuck berry, civil war, classic rock, converse, dawson's creek, dire straits, dogs, dream theater, driving late at night, e.t., edward scissorhands, einstein, elvis presley, explodingdog.com, eyeliner, eyeshadow, friends, fritz kreisler, funk, geddy lee, george orwell, godin, gonzo journalism, grease, guitar, hair, haydn, hilary hahn, hunter s. thompson, hunter thompson, invader zim, isaac stern, italian food, jaco pastorius, james jamerson, japanese food, jasha heifeitz, jazz, jefferson airplane, jerry lee lewis, johnny depp, joshua bell, journalism, juke boxes, kaplan strings, king crimson, kisses, led zeppelin, les miserables, lizzie mcguire, love, makeup, mozart, muddy waters, music man, nightfall, nightmare before christmas, old cadillacs, old cars, old juke boxes, peace, performing, phantom of the opera, photography, physics, pink floyd, pool, prokofiev, rachmaninoff, rain, record players, red lipstick, rock & roll, rocky horror, rush, saks fifth avenue, salvador dali, shostakovich, sleeping beauty, slide guitar, solo bach, space quest, starcraft, stars, steely dan, stilettos, string quartets, sunrise, sunset, super mountain, sushi, tea, teaching, tempura, the 80s, the beatles, the breakfast club, the color pink, the cure, the doors, the great shark hunt, the kinks, the pianist, the proud highway, the rolling stones, the switch, the water temple, the who, tic tacs, toffee, vanilla sky, viola, violin, vivaldi, watergate scandal, world peace, world war two, writing, yardbirds, ♥ jake fatooh!!,